Friday, October 17, 2008

Oct 17, Part 6 - Paris: Around Cafe Le Zimmer

Cafe Le Zimmer and Theatre du Chatelet, Paris This is the outside of the Cafe. I may have taken it as we approached rather than as we left. In any case, it shows more of the building, the historic Theatre du Chatelet. The decor of the cafe is at least partly a reflection of its proximity to the theatre, I think.

Cafe Le Zimmer, Paris I love this photo with the guy and the bike and the cafe in the background. I don't know who he is. I don't even know if he looks French. Maybe he's Polish or American.

Cafe Le Zimmer, Paris This is the view of the cafe as you stand between it and the Seine.

Fountain with Sphinxes in the Place du Chatelet, Paris The fountain in the Place du Chatelet.

Tour St-Jacques and Napoleon's Victory Monument, Paris The tower on the left is the Tour St-Jacques, standing near the Place du Chatelet. The tower on the right is in the Place. It's a monument to victory - specifically, Napoleon's victories.

Chestnut Vendor, Paris This photo is pretty messy, but I included it because it's the only one I have of a chestnut vendor. We'd been talking about them. I remember more picturesque scenes from earlier trips, where the vendor could be found on cold days with roasted chestnuts; in fact, he could be found with his dedicated push-cart in the park under wide chestnut trees with the brazier burning to keep his hands warm as well as the chestnuts. Visually and romantically this scene can't compare, but the set-up seems to work.

The Seine, Paris It's "just" another scene of the Seine. I love it.

Conciergerie, Paris Here we're looking across the river at the two Medieval towers of the royal palace and Concierge. There is so much inside that building, and I haven't seen most of it. The tower on the right is called the "Tour d'Argent," Silver Tower, because it held the king's money at one time. But it's hard to look it up online, because the restaurant of the same name is so much more famous.

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