Friday, July 14, 2006

New picture links - yeah!

Was it only last weekend, or the weekend before? I spent a few hours upgrading the picture links on the personal part of my web site. I'd been wanting to turn the text links into picture links, re-think some categories, and reorganize folders. I finally found a format I liked, changed some color backgrounds, and . . . I like it!

That was a big improvement, and it was also groundwork for the hundreds of photos, drawings, and other bits and pieces I'd like to put together on the site, like a travelogue, scrapbook, etc., all in one. I don't know when I'll find the time, but since summer has been just a bit slower in my online store, I thought I'd take the opportunity. It was fun. Usually when I get a break from that, I work on The Tapir Gallery (which by the way, still needs major remodeling). I've been building tapirback's various locales since 1996. It feels like a house that you keep improving - only maybe better. You don't need a dumpster to make the changes.

Hmmm. Next time I'll find out more about blog formatting. I would have liked to have all of the pictures on the left with the text wrapping automatically as it did around the first picture.

I've spent a lot of time coding very basic html. There are a number of formatting types I haven't used at all, some rarely, and some I learned recently and promptly forgot. If you don't use it, you definitely lose it with the new things. But web coding is one of the coolest things I've ever learned. What else combines art, logic, writing, presentation, preservation, and costs almost nothing in and of itself?

Add instant gratification, and it is not only addicting, it's SUCH an amazing technology. . . . Links? So simple! I once wrote an entire book wishing I could use something like LINKS from point to point in the explanations. But that was before links and web pages had been invented. More on the book some other time. That's one more project I'd like to resurrect and re-invent for the web site. Oh well, many thoughts, many projects, and it's later than I meant to stay up.