Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oct 15, Part 16 - Leaving St. Denis

We came out of the south door. It was a bigger door, probably to the right or left of this door.

Rather than heading straight back to the metro, we went into the small museum to find a bathroom and look around. I'm still not sure if the whole museum is small or only this entrance area. It was about closing time, and we didn't search for a way to see the rest of the grounds or more museum displays. This model of the basilica and the Medieval town was just inside the entrance.

Here's another display of pieces of Gothic arches that was near at hand.

The bathroom was reasonably nice, but it was a unisex, which we're not that accustomed to. And yes, there was more than one seat.

This is the town hall again (hotel de ville), as we left the front of the basilica into the empty parvis. To reach the metro stop, you go to the end of the building and turn right.

Another scene of the town of St. Denis. I was sorry to leave.

Now we've approached the corner and turned. The metro is straight ahead (actually, you walk around the back of the building a bit).

Nice buildings, nice square. They say people get pick-pocketed here a lot, but we never had any trouble. The square was almost empty on a drizzly day this time of year.

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