Friday, October 17, 2008

Oct 17, Part 10 - Paris: Quai de Montebello Batobus landing

Quai for Boats, Paris, France Strange things can be seen once you descend the stairs from the street level of the Quai de Montebello to the lower paveent where you board the boats. For instance, someone has painted white footprints on the cobbles, and there are large rings in the stone that look like they might belong in a torture chamber, although I'm sure they must be used to tie up boats, not humans. Also, right about here there's a marker on the wall showing the high-water point of the flood of 1910. Right now we'd be floating away.

Boats, Paris, France Here is where you buy tickets for the Batobus (boat bus). It seems odd that it's built into the riverbank, but then why not?

Boats, Paris, France Now we're waiting for our boat to come in so we can take a much-anticipated scenic ride.

Boats, Paris, France What a great place to wait and watch the river. This boat heads toward the Pont au Double, right next to the front of Notre Dame.

Boats, Paris, France Another boat goes by. It's busy on the river.

Boats, Paris, France
Boats, Paris, France I'm enjoying the views above the riverbanks, too.

Boats, Paris, France I love this photo. I think it's worth clicking on it to see the image larger.

Boats, Paris, France Here's Lee, also enjoying the view on Notre Dame and waiting for the boat near the rings in the embankment.

Boats, Paris, France It looks like the boat behind me is covering the bases. The Riverside Barbeque Restaurant has a pub and music, too. And the sign is in Korean (?) as well as English.

Boats, Paris, FranceHere comes our Batobus.

Boats, Paris, France It says, "Vendome" on the placard above the entrance to the boat. I don't remember what the prices were for the ride, but I never thought of using this "bus" to get around town, I'd only thought of it as a tour. Maybe next time it would be a good way to get across town.

Boats, Paris, France Here's the name for the boat landing. It's too bad vandals have messed up the sign.

Boats, Paris, France Lee gets onto the Batobus. Yeah, this will be great! What a treat. . . .

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