Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Falling apart - blackberries and sea pinks . . . and a meowing crow!

I was on my way back from the dentist's office, and was in a hurry. I'd punched the buttons wrong, and some of what might have been nice flower photos didn't come out, but I did get two shots of an aspect of Fall along the river walk. The lower photo shows the remaining husks of what I believe are called "sea pinks" (Armeria maritima) although these were purple. There's a spot where some of the flower remains, although it rained hard since I took this photo and I'll have to see what's left. They're in the rock garden outside the Maritime Museum. Sea pinks are found not only near the ocean - we had some nice ones in Colorado. Actually, they started out nice, but we were trying to overcome years of weed killer in the front yard (a legacy of the previous owners) and nothing would grow for very long (except for the weeds) until we'd been working on it for several years.

The top photo is a remnant of one of the lovely blackberry bushes that grow wild on some sections of the River Walk.

I would have had a picture of a crow on this post, but I didn't stop to take the photo. On the way to the dentist's office I'd been in a hurry, walking fast. I passed a woman with two big dogs on leashes. At the same moment, I heard a cat meowing, but didn't think anything of it. The woman stopped me and said, "Can you believe this? Look up there. The crow is meowing like a cat." I looked in the tree just in time to see the crow open its mouth and emit a meowing sound - for all the world like a cat! Really! It was not some permutation of a caw. It was amazing. The two big dogs had taken notice, but to their ears or eyes, it was not a cat after all. The woman was relieved not to have to control the dogs who apparently enjoyed chasing cats, and we were both left in amazement by the crow. I had to hurry on and didn't stop for a pic, although I should have.


drhodes said...

Just heard a crow outside sounding like my cat. I couldn't believe it. When I googled "crow is meowing" your post was the only hit. Very strange. This is the stuff dali paintings are made of.

tapirgal said...

I love your comment about the stuff of Dali paintings! Perfect! I'm also glad you reminded me. I'd forgotten the incident. These quirks are such fun.