Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oct 16, Part 14 - Paris: The Louvre, Halls and Treasures

Louvre, Paris I'm usually very shy about taking pictures of people, especially if they're looking at me. I was exhausted and it was hot (to me, anyway) inside the museum, and I probably had no more energy to worry about it. It seems that this guy (who I don't know), was pretty tired, too. Of course, I was also pretending to play with my camera. Well, here's a candid shot of people in the Italian painting section of the Louvre. Imagine, it was a palace at one time.

Louvre, Paris The shot isn't too exciting, but I wanted to remember the details. Look how many colors of marble and wood go into making this bit of the hallway.

Louvre, Paris I love the woman's smile here, and her excitement in discovering something.

Louvre, Paris At the end of the wing near the cafe is this view over the Seine . . . with flags.

Louvre, Paris I don't remember who or what, but I like it. Look at the cool frame, too.

Louvre, Paris Obviously, the Delacroix wing.

Louvre, Paris And here is Nike of Samothrace again from the next floor up. She's one of my favorites, there's no doubt about it. She's such an exalted setting, too.

Louvre, Paris The rooms become more interesting than the scenes after awhile. It's all Napoleonic bombast, and the subject matter feels repetitive, but it's a change, like entering a theatre. It was fun to look at.

Louvre, Paris Here's more of the Louvre's beautiful, old flooring.

Louvre, Paris More painting. It think it's French.

Louvre, Paris And still more.

Louvre, Paris I think this was in the passageway near the bathrooms. I'd like to know enough to be able to shoot a pic like this and also get the building through the window. I like it anyway, but these shots remind me that I want to sign up for a digital photography class.

Louvre, Paris I've always liked Delacroix's tigers.

Louvre, Paris I think we know this guy. I do like the scene with the rocks and snow for contrast. The artist is Paul Delaroche.

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