Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oct 16, Part 19 - Paris: By bus from the Right Bank toward the Left Bank

We walked back down the Avenue de l'Opera toward the Louvre again. But we were tired, and it was a long way back, so we hopped the bus for one of only two bus rides we took on the trip. We either walked or, if a long way, took the Metro. The strange decorative shapes above mark the Metro stop at Place Colette. The bus windows were tinted blue-green. I've gotten most of it out of the pictures, but not all.

This artistic grating is on the Ministry of Culture building on Rue St-Honore.

Here's a nice skyward view of the building.

I don't know what these buildings are, but they looked nice.

Soon we were passing down the Rue de l'Amiral de Coligny, from which we could see the top of the district town hall, done in Gothic style, and next to it St-Germain l'Auxerrois.

Below is the east end of the Louvre.

More buildings. So French. I had to take photos. In this case, it was hard to adjust the color. Pretend we're looking at film from the 1950s.

The top of the Samaritaine Department Store, a Parisian classic.

I'm not used to seeing garden centers spilling onto city sidewalks, but where else do they have to go? It's nice having the greenery and sometimes birds on the sidewalk. I remember passing this on foot.

You can see rooftops reflected in the bus window as we pass the Victory monument on the Place du Chatelet, site of an ancient prison.

I liked this lovely architecture as we approach the river. I think this is the building across the street from the Theatre de la Ville. We may be on the narrow Rue Adolphe Adam.

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