Thursday, September 27, 2012

How Do You Sell a Seahorse?

This cute hand-beaded seahorse keychain from Guatemala is one of the items I sell in my online store, Tapir and Friends Animal Store. I love that it's RED! So bright and colorful! And for people who lose their keys, what better than a red keychain? After I receive it from, I give it a part number and a name. In this case, it's: "F1977 B218 - Seahorse Beaded Keychain from Guatemala, red." The "F" stands for "Friends," and it preceeds every part number, making it easier to recognize it for the part number it is. If the number were only "1977," it might be confused with a year or the last four digits of someone's phone number. 

Every item is stored in easy-to-access bins. The "B" part of the part number is the bin where it's stored. Believe it or not, it took me nearly 10 years to figure out that if I included the bin number with the part number, it was a no-brainer to find the item! When an order comes in from our shopping cart, the bin number and item number appear with each product. Here you will see Bin 218 if you click to enlarge the photo. Current numbers are on "ecru"-colored tags (off-white), while green denotes some leftover old numbers.

If we open Bin 218, it's filled with ziplock bags Every small inventory item in the store has its own bag. There is the red seahorse in B218. And it has the part number on the bag. Voila! Easy to find, and no confusion. I think those may be unicorn keychains in the bag next to the seahorses, and I see some beaded frogs in the back of the bin. In the case of these medium-sized beaded frogs, it would say "Frog Style 1" on the bag, because that's how it's coded on the web site.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

That's Just Weird

When I went to the lumber yard back in May, I impulse-purchased this box cutter because the one we use at the packing table in the store was about out of blades. I thought this warning was pretty funny. 

I'm going to buy a pair of goggles so I can slice open a cardboard box with the cheapest blade I've ever seen? On the other hand, maybe they know something I don't.

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fantastic Bargains and More

My new page style for the painted pins has been so successful that I'm going to apply it to two other categories I've been playing with for years: bulk items and special, unique, oddball, few-of-a-kind. These two have been tough so far because all my ideas until this one have been labor-intensive or they didn't work. This one is pretty fast and not at all cumbersome. And it's versatile.

The bulk/discount/fantastic bargain page is up, but I've only listed anacondas and herons with frog so far. These orange horses are next, and after that I'll get started on the unique and special items page. Each page can easily accommodate 25 to 30 listings, so it will be very useful.

A recent goal was to rethink abundance. Things do seem to be flowing better.

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