Friday, October 17, 2008

Oct 17, Part 1 (Day 4) - Paris: Hotel Notre Dame de Maitre Albert (Lobby)

This morning I took a few more photos of our hotel before we got started. We were very comfortable here. The room was tiny, but what do you expect in the heart of the Latin Quarter? It was perfect. And it looks quite spacious compared to our shoebox-sized room and the narrow hallways. We didn't spend any time in the downstairs area, although it looks fairly comfortable for this kind of furniture. There were more comfy chairs in the darkened back area near the bar, which is also where we went online to check e-mail. The hotel was pleasant and really well located.

This is looking toward the bar in back, past the elevators.

Elevator doors. The front desk is right across from the elevators but out of sight here, and the computer is beyond the white easy chair.

This breakfast nook was near the front windows on the other side of the front door from the sitting area at the top of the post. We never used it, but we saw a few people having breakfast here.

I like the beamed ceilings. I think they're part of the original Medieval building. It's hard to believe, but I'm sure some of the structure dates that far back.

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