Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oct 13 to 14 - Boston to Paris

I love it when the seatback videos have a map of where you're going. In this case, there was no seatback video, and when I finally put my glasses on after a few cramped naps and a bunch of data entry into my new BlackBerry, I noticed that there was a video screen at the front of our compartment, so I ambled up and took a picture of our route. We were nearly there. It had been a long day and night of flying and airports, but it was really not that bad. I'd felt a lot more cramped during 5 hour flights to Hawaii. But neither had I been able to stretch out across multiple seats. I had bought my first neck pillow. Only later did I realize I could have gotten one in the shape and color of an animal. That would have been fun. Mine was a comfortable gray, and now I see why people use them.

Our plane. No seatback video, but reasonably comfortable.

Our first view of Paris. It was 7:35 a.m. and would remain pitch black for some time yet. It looked and felt as though it could have been midnight.

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