Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oct 16, part 20 - Paris: A walk through the Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter, Paris After our long day and a lot of walking, we took the bus back from the Opera to Place St-Michel. From there it was a short bock or part of a block to Rue St-Severin and into the Latin Quarter on our way back to the hotel. Here we approach a crossing with Rue de la Harpe.

Latin Quarter, Paris It's always amazing to me. These interesting streets today, but in addition what history they have! Most of it doesn't show any more, but you can read about them in various books, and learn to attach an event or concept with the location. It elevates them to something so much more. Enjoyable as they are for just what they are, I enjoy knowing their past as well. Maybe someday I'll fill in this blog with some of the info I've gathered, but tonight it's getting late and I'd like to get off the computer. Suffice it to say, most of these streets have histories that go back to the Middle Ages. The narrow Rue de la Harpe was a main road south from Paris before the Boulevard St-Michel existed, and over the years it's had as many as fourteen names.

Latin Quarter, Paris Here we continue along the Rue St-Severin to the interesting and beautiful church of the same name on the right, although today we don't stop to go inside.

Latin Quarter, Paris Here is the small square in front of the church - not more that a widening of the street, with shops (mainly small grocery stores) on two sides.

Latin Quarter, Paris Now we've crossed the wider Rue St-Jacques and make our way along the very short Rue Galande.

Latin Quarter, Paris Signs on Rue Galande announce classical music tonight.

Latin Quarter, Paris Glancing back at the towers of Notre Dame across the river.

Latin Quarter, Paris At the corner of Rue Galande and Rue Lagrange, we enter our favorite patisserie of this trip. It's usually on our way home from wherever we've been that day.

Latin Quarter, ParisMmmm. Quiche for dinner. We'll take some back to the hotel room and have a delectable meal with our tired feet off the ground!

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