Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bethlehem at the Co-op

Astoria, Oregon ~ December 18, 2012

Clever. I didn't notice the name "Bethlehem" or think about the significance until I got home and downloaded the photos. It was a nice surprise to see this cool display of ornaments, cabbages, and greenery on my way in to buy groceries. I took the photos quickly and hurried inside, because six and a half weeks after surgery, I still feel pretty bad some days. Today I wondered how I was going to get through shopping with my feet and other parts hurting, and nothing feeling very well grounded. I knew I'd get through it, but with what consequences?

The pretty display made me smile, so I got a few quick photos with my phone since I didn't feel like going to the car for my camera.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Boogie

Astoria, Oregon ~ December 14, 2012

I sat in the back in a comfy rocking chair at the Christmas piano concert Debbie Loyd gave in their church to raise money for World Vision (goats, chickens, etc. to families in Africa). I was pleased to contribute something, and the total raised was $740.00. There really are people here, sitting on the left. I took the rocker at the back on the right where nobody was sitting so I could be comfy and leave early if I got tired, which I did.

For the first time in a very long time, I put on something other than my sweatshirt and jeans, and mingled with dressed-up people. I enjoyed Debbie's music and being in a social situation, but alas, I had picked the wrong parking spot. Cranking the wheel hard as often as it took to parallel park on Harrison Street was too much, and I arrived shaky and needing to leave early. Still, it was great to get out, great to enjoy some unusual arrangements of Christmas music, and . . . I did it! I also enjoyed contributing to a good cause other than tapirs. More on this subject another day.