Friday, October 17, 2008

Bonjour from Paris - Testing Mobile Send

I hope this works, because I can't delete it till later. Lee and I are sitting at the Cafe "Le Zimmer" across the street from the Chatelet metro stop and across the Seine from Henri-Something's beautiful Medieval towers. OK . . . let's test! BTW, this cafe is delightful! More later. ~ Sheryl
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hyrax said...

Who hoo, sounds wonderful!

tapirgal said...

Hi hyrax,

It was cool! And it was nice to see your comment there on my handheld in Paris - one problem, you can only do so much with the web on the handheld, so I couldn't get into the comments and reply to you. The technology is so amazing. We went to the gardens of the Natural History Museum and the zoo, but it was after closing time. Still, they have all these statues and sculpted portraits of the great scientists on the buildings, etc., and it was amazing to be able to go online and look up people like Buffon and Lamarck, whose names I remembered from my tapir studies, but couldn't say exactly what they had done. So interesting! More on that when I can. I'm going to try to find the time to put a lot of the pix from this trip online. Thanks for commenting! I hope all is well with you.