Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oct 14, Part 9 - College des Bernardins, Rue de Poissy, Paris

The sun was coming out, at least a little. We turned into the Rue de Poissy, where I was expecting to look for the ruins of a 14th century refectory, or monastic dining room. I didn't know how much would be left. My notes said there were plans to turn it into a museum, and voila! it had already happened. It wasn't hard to find on this short street.

It was beautiful, and although the forms were old, the building looked clean and new and inviting. It was only inaugurated on September 4th, just over a month before.

In the upper right of this photo you can see where an old arch has been filled in and incorporated into the buildings next door. As always, bikes and motorbikes abound. You can see the old stones of the building in the center of the photo. It makes a nice contrast with the bikes.

Inside, the arches and the lighting were magnificent. This is looking left as you enter from the street.

This is looking right. You can see the bookstore. We didn't go in any further, but you can see and read more about it on Peter's Paris blog.

This one is worth clicking to enlarge. It shows Lee amidst the piety. It's actually a picture of the glass windows, and Lee is standing on the sidewalk.

This is across the street from the College des Bernardins. There were some very nice facades on the Rue de Poissy. The picture below is a door or two away.

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