Monday, October 13, 2008

Oct 13, Part 2 - Boston

We stopped for more than 3 hours in Boston. Here's the city as we came in.

Can anyone tell me why all of the Boston city souvenirs have almost the same lettering and design? They're so boring that we didn't even buy a Boston t-shirt when we visited the city a couple of years ago. This, of course, is a souvenir shop in the airport, but we found the same thing in the city on our last trip. Somebody has a monopoly, or what?

We took an unnecessary but entertaining tour of the airport when Lee made the plausible but incorrect assumption that our international flight to Paris would leave from the International Terminal: Terminal E. Usually careful to look at the tickets or itinerary, neither of us bothered. Since we had 3 hours, we thought we'd take a walk. One of the guards said he wouldn't do it (they have shuttle buses), but we could get there by following the signs for 20 minutes. So, we did.

We saw plants and reflections . . .

. . . a corridor with rocking chairs. They were placed next to an art exhibit, which wasn't very interesting and I didn't capture it in pixels.

Apropos of nothing, an airplane on the floor (I really do love airports) . . .

. . . some colorful designs . . .

. . . another terminal . . .

If you enlarge the photo you can see that we're still following the signs that say, "E Terminal."

I didn't photograph every corridor, although it may look like I did.

Open air. More signs. Almost there.


Well, here we are, and our flight is not on the board. It turns out we're departing from the same terminal at which we landed. There was some logic to why the international flight is going out of the domestic side, but I was tired and I forgot what that was.

Going back by shuttle.

After all that walking. . . . This is embarrassing. I don't eat junk food any more, but I saw the sign and I said, "I have to have this. I'll get the unhealthiest one I can find." In my state of tiredness and lack of sleep, I mistook Dunkin' for Crispy Cremes, which I had never had, and maybe it would have been worth the empty calories and crashing blood sugar to try one. However, I can tell you that I will not be tempted to do Dunkin' again. It was the driest and most tasteless doughnut I can remember ever having. It's not that I don't LIKE sugary junk food, I just don't eat it any more. This was to be a splurge. Bleeaah. At least it only cost 99 cents. And yeah, I did eat most of it.

Food Court. Yummmm. (Not.) I like to think that if anyone ever put a really good food concession in an airport, they'd make a lot of money, but it's possible that someone has tried it and it went out of business. That's pathetic, but probably true. I got one more boring chicken salad, the best of the breed. It was funny. Here at the Food Court, I heard someone say, "Where ARE we, anyway?" Like she really didn't know. And she didn't. It turns out she was a flight attendant talking to another flight attendant. She said, "I got on a flight in San Diego this morning and I CANNOT REMEMBER where I am." :)

6:45 p.m. Our sunset flight leaves for Paris. YEAH!!!


laurelgrace00 said...

Nothing like having a donut to go along with his NON-FAT, NO WHIP, Mocha! Way to go Dad! haha

Jacob said...

What a funny post! But it is easy to get "lost" in airports...especially if one neglects to read one's ticket! ;-)

Everyone who flies to Paris should probably eat a sugary treat before departing...I mean, it's a long flight, and one should prepare one's body for the Parisian goodies one is surely to find on every street in the City of Light!