Monday, October 13, 2008

Oct 13, Part 1 - Portland to Boston

Blogs read backwards, which is fine most of the time, but if you're trying to organize a long series of photos in order and then have the days make sense, it gets messy. I don't like to put more than 5 or 6 photos in a post. People do it - I've done it - but it's harder to work with. I like the idea of making a post for each location, and there are going to be days with a lot of locations. I can make a whole day read forward, but then I guess you just have accept that the days themselves read backwards. I only wish that blogs had a "forward" switch for chronological stuff. Google, are you listening? Anyway, we'll try this. It worked pretty well for the part of the Belize trip I've posted so far.

The wake-up call was what time? It seemed so early, I think it was 4:30 a.m. Our flight was at 7:00. This is PDX. I've always liked our airport. It's small enough that it's easy to walk the whole thing. It's clean and it's attractive. It's also about as functional as they get.

Yeah. The obligatory first cup.

. . . and breakfast. We've been trying to eat healthier and on the low side of the glycemic index the past couple of years, and we hadn't give up yet. We were still trying to make good choices. It seems Starbucks has something they are now calling "oatmeal." It was probably better than having a muffin. Choices would get both better and worse over the next 10 days.

I love looking out the window. Lee likes aisle seats so he can get out easier. I vote for having to pester my seat-mate(s) to get out and having the view. I never get tired of it unless the cloud forms get monotonous. Best, of course, is seeing the ground. I think this must be the Rocky Mountains or something near them, based on the time stamp on the photo, which was 9:04 a.m.

This was taken at 9:45 a.m. - maybe Kansas? Nebraska? Iowa? The earth forms change so fast when you're flying. If I can look out, I rarely get anything else done, like reading or crossword puzzles. And thank god for digital cameras and not wasting a bunch of film. The plane windows are often a big impediment, but this one was almost perfect.

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