Friday, October 17, 2008

Oct 17, Part 5 - Paris: At Cafe Le Zimmer

Cafe Zimmer, Paris After all the walking we'd done for the past few days (not to mention the walk from the hotel this morning), we decided to hang out at our favorite Cafe Le Zimmer for awhile. First: coffee. Yumm.

Cafe Zimmer, Paris Confession time: coffee and sugar. Note the taped window. I don't know how it happened, but they didn't waste time in getting it fixed (read on).

Cafe Zimmer, Paris This is someone at the next table. All the glass with the dark colors caught my attention.

Place du Chatelet, Paris Watching the Place du Chatelet across the street. It has a long history, including being the site of a prison, for which the square is named, but now it's a benign park with a nice fountain and a metro stop.

Sphinx Sculptures on the Fountain, Place du Chatelet, Paris The sphinxes on the fountain in the Place commemorate Napoleon's victory in Egypt.

People outside Cafe Zimmer, Paris Not much to say here: people outside the cafe window.

Cafe Zimmer, Paris We each ordered very different types of lunches, but we agreed they were some of the best food we'd had in Paris; maybe the best. Mine was a cheese plate and some kind of squash soup. Lee had cioppino.

Cafe Zimmer, Paris There's my lunch again. We took this opportunity to research some of the people we'd come across on our first day, walking to and through the Jardin des Plantes: the early zoologists Cuvier and Lamarck, Linnaeus, Buffon, and a few others. I had bought the BlackBerry World Edition just before the trip so I could stay in touch with business by e-mail and by phone. "Why?" you might ask. Well, some things are just necessary. But it also gave me the opportunity to look things up online for fun like we were doing now. It was great, and it was still quite a novelty.

Cafe Zimmer, Paris It's hard to call this wonderful device a "phone," but here I am linking to Cuvier.

Cafe Zimmer, Paris Here's the glazier. They moved us to another table so they could replace the window pane.

Cafe Zimmer, Paris An appropriate poem in the bathroom.

Cafe Zimmer, Paris . . . and lights in an oval mirror.

Cafe Zimmer, Paris Here's Lee, looking quite satisfied.

Cafe Zimmer, Paris Finished.

Cafe Zimmer, Paris More lights, this time in the enclosed area near the front windows.

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