Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oct 14, Part 5 - Hotel de Notre Dame Maitre Albert

Our hotel was about as picturesque as you can imagine, and it was very nice. I found it online after the hotel our travel agent found for us was about twice as expensive. The Hotel de Notre Dame was about two blocks from the river, but I don't know what we would have seen with a view room, because the street is curved. As it was, we had an inside room which opened onto a utility rooftop with a fire exit; it was completely quiet and private, and we could leave the window open.

The Rue Maitre Albert was tiny. This is looking back the way we came when we approached the hotel. The sidewalk on the right side where our hotel was, is even narrower than the one on the left in this photo. Our hotel was just at the curve in the street, which almost formed an "L," with one end opening onto a small square near the river, and the other opening almost onto Place Maubert (see below) where there was a convenient Metro stop. That is, it would have been convenient if we'd used it much.

Here's Lee standing in the lobby, which was much bigger and more elaborately decorated than any I can remember staying in in Paris. The hotel was comfortable, and the owners were friendly. You can see the decor in the more formal of the two sitting areas below. There was a computer with free Internet, which was extra nice.

It looks very French, doesn't it?

And here's Lee again, walking down the hallway. We were on the first floor, which is the one above the ground floor. The upstairs was as tiny as the downstairs was spacious. It was comfortable, though. The infrastructure in this area is ancient, and rooms and halls tend to be very, very small. I'll have more pix of the hotel in another post. If anyone's looking for a place to stay in Paris, I recommend the Hotel de Notre Dame on Rue Maitre Albert. You can find it online, and if you call, they can speak to you in English.

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