Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oct 15, Part 18 - Rue de Rennes, Paris

This Panoramio insert shows some of our walk with photos.

When we left Place 18 Juin 1940, we headed down Rue de Rennes toward home. It was a fascinating district, a bit different than any we'd been in so far. But we had an agenda, too - a bathroom and a snack. McDonald's had some free tables, so we sat for a bit and used their bathrooms. Did we want a McDonald's snack in Paris (or anywhere)? I don't think so! We moved on down the street and found a patisserie with some nice goodies.

Here's me taking a photo from outside the shop. The reflections are a bit confusing, and I like them. It looks like I'm inside the shop. You can see Lee's yellow jacket and red backpack on the right, both inside the store and out.

Speaking of reflections, I loved this one in the building on the corner of Rue Blaise Desgoffe and Rue de Rennes.

Here's another. I like both of them for different reasons. The reflection surprised me as I looked up from the pavement.

I guess I took this one just to give a sense of the street and the day. We'll be on Rue de Rennes for the length of this blog.

It's getting dark and it's harder to take photos. I loved the violet light, and was pleased that it showed up pretty naturally in the photo. The crossing is Rue de Rennes and Rue de Vaugirard.

I believe this mini garden with turquoise fence was at the same street corner.

This unusual building is at the diagonal crossing of Rue de Rennes and Blvd Raspail.

Here's looking across the street at Blvd Raspail. I had a sense that the small set-back building was the home and museum of Delacroix as I remembered it from another trip, but I'm not sure. His museum is located at 6 Rue de Furstenberg (or Place de Furstenberg), and I couldn't find it on Google Earth to verify it. It's in the same general part of town, but I think the entrance to Delacroix's place may be larger.

What a beautiful facade. It was a Viennese bakery.

As we neared this corner of Rue de Rennes and Rue de Mezieres, we saw a sign to the church of St. Sulpice. I'd seen the name so many times in books, it seemed we had to go a couple of blocks out of our way to see it. This was also a nice image of the bikes lined up. We'd seen it before in other places. It seems they're attached to meters and you use some kind of card system to rent them. A lot of local people ride them to work and such.

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