Saturday, October 04, 2008

A conference in Vancouver, Washington

This is my brother, Gary. No, he's not in jail. Nor is he in the zoo. Actually, the bars reminded me of the back area of a zoo, where the keepers work near the animals but need protection - which is why I took it. I've enjoyed going behind the scenes at various zoos in my life. But in this case, it's only the parking garage in downtown Vancouver, Washington. Gary and I attended a NutraMetrix conference there for three days from October 3 to 5. I took these pix on the 4th. It was educational and enjoyable - some parts were spectacular. I just hate sitting in a room like that for so long.

Here's the Hilton, where the conference was held.

This is the park across the street from the Hilton. A couple of years ago, Lee and I saw Bo Diddley play a concert there. It was totally memorable. What a master he was! I took more pix of the salmon bell tower, which was fun. I love whimsical public sculptures and fountains and such, and a lot of the ones around here have salmon in them.

Above is one of the several lecture rooms we used at the Hilton. This is during break, of course. The rooms were packed.

Across the street from the Hilton. I don't know what the building is, but it's fun to look at and I love the sky. I don't love the power lines. I know it's expensive for cities, but if they're going to make nice things to look at, could we ditch the obstacles? Thanks.

Nice colors - again, across the street from the Hilton (above and below). Architectural detail again. Some of my favorite things to look at.

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