Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sergio Arrives in Miami

Lee, Ready and Waiting

Sergio Gets through Customs 

They Found Each Other!

What an exciting day! Around noon Lee picked up my tapir friend and colleague of about 10 (?) years, Sergio, from the airport in Miami. Sergio is also the Tapir Preservation Fund's Vice President. In a day or two they will start their trip across the US to Oregon, where Sergio will visit for a few more weeks. We've never met in person, although Lee met with Sergio in Bogota for a couple of hours on his trip there. Cuban food - a good start! Facebook says I'm with them, but only in spirit. Hopefully both of them will be photoblogging the trip. I will share their posts. This should be fun.

First Stop, Cuban Food and Lots of Coke

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bye-Bye, Fossa

A Fossa in Madagascar
Photo by Lee Spangler

The problem with my digital world (a reflection of my real world) is that it has way too many branches to manage. I can't cut them off, but I can keep trying to organize them. Sometimes I feel like I've done that, then something falls apart, which is where I am now.

I'm still grateful for finding the book, Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher, because it shows me that I'm not wrong, I just have a different way of getting through my life. I should finish reading it.

The latest "catalyst" to put it positively, was the other day when I accidentally deleted about six pages on the website I was building to go along with my store (I've linked to the store, because I don't knoe whet will become of the actual SITE pages). The store platform works great as a store, but the method of building an attached website was not that good, so when I deleted those pages (deleted a top menu page and all of the pages under it went bye-bye as well, without any warning, such as "Six pages you worked very hard on will now be deleted. Are you sure you want to do this?"). I wish I could get text back, but it's gone. They were mostly about animals, but they were not item pages. As bad as I felt, I knew it was a signal to come up with another solution for non-store pages. I still have the photos, so I may try to partially reconstruct the pages when I figure out where to go with it. Joomla!? WordPress? Back to basic HTML? I don't mind working. I do hate being in the unknown zone for too long. Sometimes organizing is a bitch.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why Animals?

Sorocaba Zoo, Sorocaba, Brazil ~ April 18, 2007

Whether it's a real animal or the idea of one, it is sometimes less lonely having them in your world than trying to relate to people. This seems to be a very old story for me.

My Web Page:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Eocene Exhibit and Education

American Museum of Natural History, New York, Eocene Exhibit ~ 
May 5, 2009

When I have time, I'm still adding images from my photo archives to the pages of the store web site. In this case, the Eocene category page.

Sometimes I feel as though this work is just for my own fun, plus window dressing plus search engine optimization. I also know it can be educational, but sometimes I forget how much the educational aspect may be needed. This is a true story: 

The other day Lee was at Starbucks talking with a barista. She said she was attending community college and wanted to be a veterinary assistant. He asked about her interest in animals, and she said she loved all animals, large and small. He asked if she liked mammals, but she didn't know what the word meant. He mentioned primates and vertebrates, and got equally blank responses. Having gone through school in the 1950s and 1960s, I can't even imagine this lack of understanding about basic biology, but there's a lot I don't know about the way the world is today. I'm grateful that I had good teachers and the climate of the times valued learning. One thing I know for sure is that if visitors can learn something from my website, I'll feel that the "extra mile" I've enjoyed adding to the site  has been worth while.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Henodus is Back

Henodus, Triassic Turtle

Nothosaurus (False Lizard or False Reptile),
Triassic Semi-oceanic Creature

This morning Amy found the plastic Henodus I'd lost on the floor last night. It was the same color as the rug. I had been feeling inordinately out of sorts for losing it, because I was finally making progress with the giant pile of stuff that needed cataloguing and photographing before putting on the site. The Halloween items were all organized in a folder with their info and Lee was working on them. Next I'd taken on organizing and photographing the extinct sea creatures when Henodius went missing. And, I was really tired.

There is not much in the Triassic category right now, so it will be good to get these guys (and their friends) online finally.