Monday, May 20, 1996

Lupine in Palisade

I took this with my Polaroid and scanned it with the first color scanner I had. Using images in this way was brand new and exciting. It was also exciting that anything was growing in the front yard besides weeds, because when we rented the house (which we later bought), the landscaping had consisted of rocks and gravel heavily sprayed with herbicide. There were a few flowers, but we wanted more. We didn't realize it was going to take years of growing weeds to get the soil in condition for even the hardiest of flowers. Any flowers at all were a gigantic coup, and were much cherished. And lupine is wonderful.

Tuesday, April 02, 1996

April 2, Palisade: Sunset over Mount Garfield

Palisade, Colorado ~ April 2, 1996
Scanned from a series of Polaroids

Palisade, Colorado, did not have as many breathtaking sunsets as one might expect. A few miles south in Delta, the conditions seemed to be better. Maybe there was more dust in the air. But when we got a good sunset, it was usually glorious. I loved to stand outside our house and watch the colors change through the brief minutes of the display. This sunset, I believe, followed a rollicking rainstorm.

Some of these are very subtle. You may want to click to enlarge. I hadn't planned to spend the day taking dust spots out of photos, so some areas are still not too good when enlarged. I am pleased with the results, though. The colors are almost as intense as on the originals.

Figuring out how to make the scanner see the Polaroid.

I absolutely loved how the sun caught both the top of this tree and the mesa beyond (below in the photo) with its last golden light. And then there's the storm-indigo still in the cloud.

This is the last of the sun's red glow on the low mountain in the distance.

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