Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rainy morning: Ships and colors on the water

Lee stood up and said, "You have to see this!" The color of the ship was like fire in the sunrise. If memory serves, it was even brighter than it appears here. The big orange Port Star is passing in front of the smaller ship in the distance, and morning colors the entire view. As you can see by the spots on the water, it's also raining. See below, where water pours from the new roofs and gutters and is faintly tinged by the morning color. Here you get a good view of the catwalk going out to the radio tower. It's of course fenced off. No playing on the tower, please :) Oh, well. The catwalk looks like a fun place to observe the river, but we mind the signs and don't go there. You'd have to climb the chain link to get there anyway. A couple of people apparently did that about two months ago. Sometimes homeless locals or travelers try to sleep on the deck, and in one case, we heard a loud splash in the night. Someone had fallen off the catwalk - for some reason they were trying to sleep there rather than on the more accommodating deck behind the building. A partner scrambled over the fence to get his buddy out of the river, then back over the fence to fetch the remaining dry sleeping bag. None of this is a good idea. The river is not deep here. Depending on the tide, a person could fall onto a piling (of which there are many) and be badly injured or killed. Not that I want anyone sleeping on the deck. It happened a few weeks later, but this time the person smoked a few cigs, left a bar of hotel soap on the deck and threw up. It was totally disgusting. Let's go back to the top photo and enjoy something nicer! As I write this at 10:18 am, the clouds and river fog have moved in and all is wintry gray.

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