Thursday, February 28, 2013

Robin Williams: "Like Trying to Catch Lightning in A Butterfly Net"

Long video, but amaaaazing. Just when you think he's forgotten he's not running the show, he loops back to the question and answers it by example. I had watched a couple of Actors Studio interviews, and the format seems to be for the actor to cut the talk-show persona and give straight answers for the students. This interview was, needless to say, different. . . .

If the video doesn't show up, here's the link:

To Francisca: One of the things that caught my attention about this particular interview was that often when you see him doing his thing, not knowing where it comes from, you think it spills out naturally, and that he has no control over it. But to see an interview like this, you understand that he works and studies as much as any actor or performer crafting his performance. He's built up his toolbox consciously and then he has it at his command when he needs it, with the added factor of his lightning-fast ability to create in the moment. I thought this was brought out so brilliantly in this particular interview. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bye Bye, Jaguar

I hoped I would be posting interesting or meaningful things about my life once I renamed this blog, but I've been busy just coping with my life. I'm working on reinventing some aspects of it - more on that later. Meanwhile, we have sold out of this movable jaguar permanently. I liked his green eyes and curious, somewhat-friendly face. He's been in the store almost since the beginning.

Yesterday I made final changes to Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo so I could turn it over to Cyndi. Sad, but also a good thing. I'm nearly done transcribing (converting) the text portion of All Eight Went to a Word file so I can take the next steps toward getting it online on Kindle.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I Sold A Collage on Etsy Today

Outer Garments
Original collage painting on press board
Made 2/27/1983
SOLD 2/6/2013

Yes, yes, yes! Somebody liked this collage enough to buy it from my Etsy store. It's the second one I've sold. It's very exciting, especially as I have a goal to market more of my creative work online this year. Maybe this weekend I will add some more collages to the store. This one was a particular favorite.

"Original collage painting on press board is 10 x 15 inches. Image about 8 1/2 x 11 inches depending on how you want to crop it. Signed, dated, and titled at the bottom of the board, which, in my opinion might be cropped off or covered by a mat (Outer Garments, Sheryl Todd, 2-27/83). I wrote 'Crop here' with a line, so you can either crop it or use as part of the art to keep a very immediate feel.

"Cut paper from magazines and postcards, spray and acrylic paint. This was one of those passionate moments. Facades and masks. Target shooting at a human frame. Smiles and pain. Innocence. I can't seem to make an intense collage without a touch of comic relief somewhere. What do you think?

"Made in Corona, California, February 27, 1983."

Blogger changed the orientation.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Debbie's Watercolors

This painting is not by me (I wish!). It's by my counselor and friend Debbie Loyd, whose work I just love. Very few artists get the drawing part down correctly and in a balanced way, and I like that as much as I like her colors and technique. I'm thrilled that she finally has her watercolors online :-)

Another One Bites It

Today I had to take this stuffed bass off of the web site because we sold out and he's been discontinued. Although he isn't one of my all-time "pet favorites," I do like him, and losing good realistic stuffed animals is always sad. I made a choice early on that I would carry mostly realistic toys. There are exceptions, but I have to LIKE them. For instance, I wish I'd thought of carrying Angry Birds merch when it came out. The birds are cartoonish, but I like them.