Sunday, June 17, 1990

Pix of me with a long "slither cut"

One of the projects I started in 2008 and will continue in 2009 is putting lots of my old photos online - not only me, but mainly trips, pets, scenery, artwork, friends, places I've lived, etc., etc. I almost got into scrapbooking, but then didn't do it, and now blogs seem much better for me. Anyway, here I am with long hair and a slither cut on June 17, 1990. I scanned these from Polaroids, and I'd written the date on them. One of the problems with a lot of the old photos I want to upload is that there's no date. On the wall behind me is the corner of a huge painting I did of a dragon. I sure fit a lot of things into that tiny room. I lived there in one room and a closet for about 4 years and made a lifelong friend in Jane, who I owe a phone call or letter! I'm writing this on December 28, 2008, but I'm posting it, as usual, as of the date of the pictures.

I'd just lost some weight (a constant project), and was feeling very good. Janet, one of the people I'd had as a housemate in a crazy big Victorian with too many people living in it was an excellent beautician, and I'd finally let someone cut my hair. She came up with the slither cut, which gave me curls I didn't know I had. What a surprise! It was fun. I took these pix of myself while renting a room from Jane on Pueblo Street in Santa Barara, after I'd moved out of the crazy house with too many people.