Monday, September 17, 1979

"Zebra Arcade"

Collage, Zebra Arcade, 1979
Zebra Arcade
by Sheryl Todd
Collage on Paper with Paint
September 17, 1979 ~ Los Angeles

Andy always like this collage and connected it with the a band some of his friends were in called Zoo Drive. (Joan Rivers got the name of the band wrong, it's "Zoo Drive," not "Magritte.") It's not a great clip. Here's lead singer Paul Delph in a much better video of "Down Here on Earth." Just today (June 15, 2010) Andy made a prototype from the collage for, hopefully, a CD cover. Hopefully there will be a chance to put an album of retrospective material together. You can see what Andy did with it here.

I remember Paul Delph and several other members of the band standing in my kitchen on Durango Avenue. Paul was in blue overalls and was talking about Zoo Drive. He was a great friend of Andy's and a cool guy. So I hope this project goes - for Andy's sake, Paul's memory, and not just because I might get my zebra on the cover. Here's the site that Andy made for Paul. If you want to listen to one song, I suggest, "A God that Can Dance."

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