Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oct 15 (Day 2), Part 1 - Place Maubert and breakfast (again)

I slept in. I hadn't wanted to do that on this too-short trip to Paris. I wanted to see things. I've never had a particular problem with jet lag, but I was having something like that now. I went to sleep early and exhausted from the long walk yesterday, then woke up around midnight or not much after, and couldn't go back to sleep. This trip, it was hard to shake off business, and it was probably harder because I was having fun with my new BlackBerry (Global Edition, with flat rate unlimited e-mail and Internet). I spent hours in the night glued to the small, bright screen, and only fell asleep toward morning. When I'd put it down, my mind was either filled with ideas (good in a way, but bad for sleeping), or it was completely blank and calm, but, unfortunately, wide awake. When I finally got up, the Rue Maitre-Albert outside our hotel door was a welcome sight. The narrow street (above) is the one we had arrived on from the direction of the river. Below is the direction of Place Maubert and breakfast.

One of the streets leading into Place Maubert is the Rue de la Montagne Sainte Genevieve (above). We didn't take that street, but instead headed into the square where we'd bought food before.

There was a lot to eat, and most of it looked pretty inviting.

OK, some of it looked pretty inviting. We were not into greasy chicken, but the quiche was a no-brainer, and so started my addiction.

More food in Place Maubert. It's worth clicking on the picture to read the notice . . . in English.

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