Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oct 16 (Day 3), Part 1 - Place Maubert, Paris

Yesterday we grabbed breakfast on the run. Today we sat enjoyed the view. It was a bit drizzly, and once again, we were trying to decide which of the many options we wanted to take advantage of on such a day. I think I would have to be in Paris for a long time to relax about what to do that day. It's always a feeling of "so much to see, do experience, and so little time." It was nice to start the day just watching the square, and of course, I was getting addicted to the cafe's quiche.

Umbrellas and a fountain in Place Maubert.

Activity. The ubiquitous cell phone.

Here is the market I'd enjoyed seeing so much on our first day. It was right across the street from the cafe we'd chosen as our favorite. The cafe where we sat on the first morning is behind the market stalls. Apparently at one time this market was on Thursdays (?) only, but now it seems to be every day, or at least it is at this time of year.

Here's Lee outdoors under the awning of "our cafe." What will it be? Coffee? Omelette?

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