Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oct 14, Part 8 - Love in Paris and Rue Saint-Victor

Somewhere between the church (last post) and the Rue St-Victor, Lee said, "Look at that!" It was a strange little sunken corner in the pavement where someone had written "Amour" in permanent paint. Nice.

One of the shops along Rue Saint-Victor sold antique trains, among other odds and ends. I think they had some D&D gear as well, but I'm not sure. I left this photo at 1000 px wide, so anyone who wants a good visual of the train, just click on the image.

I have no idea what this was. It could have been apartments.

Here's Lee on the Rue Saint-Victor. The street is raised on the side he's on due to the slope of the hill topped by the Pantheon. The green lights in a cross indicate a pharmacy, where, I've heard, you can get a certain amount of medical assistance and have some medications prescribed. I used this picture in another post on my blog. There's also a Panoramio map there. We were looking for Number 35, where Emile Zola lived when he was 20 and got thrown out for not paying rent. The orange building is Number 8, and the numbering starts in the direction we're looking now. We backtracked, but the street is so short there is no Number 35 to be found. Either the numbers have changed over the years or I made a typo or got misinformation in the 1980s when I typed the original walking tour. Anyway, this was Zola's street for awhile. It was about this point when Lee began to call it a "treasure hunt," and I thought I'd keep the name.

Here's a close-up of the same buildings. Since I seem to look for interesting colors, my thanks to whoever parked the lime green car in front of the orange building. I like it!

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