Friday, October 17, 2008

Oct 17, Part 11 - Paris: On the Batobus (Boats and Bridges on the Seine)

In the previous post, we were waiting on the Quai de Montebello at the base of the Pont au Double, which is the first of the three bridges you can see in the photo above. The second is the Petit Pont, and the third is Pont St-Michel. First we go downriver toward the Ile St-Louis.

Although this is out of focus, I loved the expression on the little girl's face. How often do we put ourselves in the place of a child and remember just how exciting it is to see a boat? Many of us like to look at boats, but for her it's a total thrill.

And for me it's a thrill to see the bridges from this perspective. They have an entirely different feel, of course. I can't describe it.

This boat has large plants on it. It it someone's home?

A long boat.

Looking back at Notre Dame against the sky.

In a hurry, or just having fun?

Leaving the Ile de la Cite behind for the moment.

Passing the Ile St-Louis. The architecture here is neither as old nor as varied as it is on the Ile de la Cite or the Left Bank, but it can be elegant.

This is the Pont de la Tournelle, connecting the Ile St-Louis to the Left Bank.

It's nice to have scale markers.

A nice pastime on the island - watching the boats go by.

The Pont de Sully crosses both parts of the river at the tail of the Ile St-Louis.

An interesting-looking cupola.

Some rare brick architecture.

Entrance to the Canal St-Martin and the Arsenal - more places I haven't explored yet.

I think we must be coming back to the Ile St-Louis and crossing over to the side of the river next to the Right Bank. I should have blogged this while I still remembered what it looked like.

Interesting curves.

I think these buildings are on the Ile de la Cite.

Moving upriver between the Ile de la Cite and the Right Bank, we're approaching Pont Louis Philippe.
It has distincting round medallions above the piers.

This is still one of my favorite sights - the towers of Henri IV's palace.

Passing under Pont Neuf, here's a different angle of a familiar location - the eastern end of the Ile de la Cite with the statue of Henri IV and the brick buildings marking the point of the Place Dauphine. There's a nice boat here, too. I'm sorry the lighting is not so good. When I brightened the image, I lost the clouds, so I used the original.

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