Links and Cause

A Baird's tapir track in Belize ~ Photo by Sheryl Todd

Tapir Conservation is Rainforest Conservation

My passion for tapirs turned into a conservation nonprofit (The Tapir Preservation Fund / Tapir Gallery) and online Animal Store. These are some of my business and personal links. In addition to my work, I love taking photos. I hope soon to incorporate my drawing, painting and collage. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, the interconnected links also help the conservation cause. Click on through and check them out!

Sheryl's Links

My home page:
My business: Tapir and Friends Animal Store
More tapir goodies: My CafePress Tapir Shop
About tapirs: The Tapir Gallery
My photos: My Picasa Web Albums
My photos: On Panoramio / Google Earth
Member of: City Daily Photo
Saving Wildlife in the Colombian Orinoco

I've also add links to projects my brother and his wife are working on. Some of it's entertaining and some is intended to help the envoronment. It's all fun. Have a look.

Gary and Beth's Links

Eco-friendly reusable bags: Bzz Bags
More Bzz: Bzz Bags Blog
Irreverent corporate clothing: Work Redefined