Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sounds like loos have a winnner

PE = Riverside Press-Enterprise (southern California)

My mom sends me envelopes of newspaper clippings that she thinks will interest me, so the other day I was reading through a pack of them, and this one caught my attention. I like travelling. I don't always want to buy food to use a cafe's bathroom, and sometimes public facilities are hard to find when you're walking around a city. I once thought of writing a guidebook to the restrooms of Europe.

Just for kicks, today I typed "bathrooms" on the GPS on my phone, but no luck. There wasn't a single result. I then tried "restrooms," and learned that within 3.4 miles of where I am right now in Bend, there's a place called "Advanced Systems Portable Restrooms." Interesting, but not totally helpful. Then there's a "Rest Area" in Antelope, 60 miles away. Also good to know, but it won't work in an emergency. Seventy-seven miles away there's the "Restoration Fellowship," possibly good in other types of emergencies. If that doesn't meet the needs, there's "Restoration Life Ministries" only 83 miles away, and maybe more in my line of interest, "Restorecology" whatever that is, but it sounds promising, a mere 85 miles from here. I wonder what happens if I type in the word "toilet" as the article suggested. Hmmm? No, I don't have too much time on my hands. Inquiring minds need to know.

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laurelgrace00 said...

that is funny!