Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Colors of Astoria in February

Some days just have better color and lighting than others, and this was one of them. I didn't know what this bird was, but I found it in my Birds of Oregon book. The white over the beak gives it away. It's a lesser scaup, a common diving duck that breeds east of the Cascades and winters here on the coast. The book says they can often be seen in flocks of thousands, but our birds here seem to live in small numbers. I haven't specifically noted this scaup before, but I think I'm becoming more attuned to the differences in birds here. I like birds, but I've never been as interested in their species as I was in mammals. That seems to be changing now that I'm living near so many of them. The young of scaups form groups "tended by one to three adult females." I guess this would take place east of the Cascades, so we don't see it here. I thought the colors of this photo were just lovely, and the ripples in the smooth water make me want to touch it.

I love the colors here, too. The infusion of blues like this doesn't happen every day.

I've taken pictures of this building many times, because it's hard to pass up the colors and shapes, but this time the lighting was rich and my timing was right. Look at the birds. I think they must be ducks.

I've always liked this purple hose on Commercial Street in its Victorian . . . thing (what do you call the bit that holds up the hose?). Today it seemed especially photogenic.

It was pretty chilly, but Lee and I bundled up and had gone for a walk along the river. This was taken about a block past the Maritime Museum. As we stopped to chat with Jan, I took a picture of the trees against the sky. I like the pale colors of the sunst and the delicate lines of the bridge.

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