Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rain, rain, and more rain

Rain in Astoria is nothing new, but I've rarely seen it rain this hard for this long. Yesterday I couldn't see the road ahead of me as I approached the roundabout on my way across the Youngs Bay Bridge to get to the gym in Warrenton. Last night I was watching a movie (The First Knight), when there was a rumbling louder than the on-screen sword clashes, shrieks, and general din from a Medieval village being plundered. But it sounded more like . . . yes, it was thunder, extremely loud and rare around here, despite the amount of rain we get. I wish it had continued, but it was short-lived. However, it continued to pour as I watched the movie and fell asleep, and the pounding of rain on the window is what woke me in the morning. I took the photo above first thing today, as it was still coming down in buckets. It's the runoff from the roof of the old Englund Marine building.

This should have been our walkway into the building, but when it rains so hard, the water backs up, turning it into a pool.

I was messing with the camera. Nice.

Our downspout - I finally got it in focus.

This is the view just beyond our front door, a very empty River Walk. In nice weather, the Astoria waterfront trolley comes along the tracks. The wood stairs go up to a small park area with a big built-in table and benches. Usually a bunch of guys sit there and drink, so it's not too inviting, but then it's also the only place in Astoria I've ever gotten flea bites (no thanks), so I just look at it and sit elsewhere, like on the benches down by the water.

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