Sunday, February 08, 2009

Signs of the times: empty restaurants in Bend

I'd spent all day on the computer (again) working, and we were going to have dinner out with friends. It was a really pleasant interlude, despite signs all around us that times are getting bleaker. Everyone is struggling. The housing market in Bend fell apart hard, and with it went other businesses, such as Merenda, a restaurant we'd enjoyed on occasion. Merenda was expensive, so I suppose it would be one of the first to lose patrons, along with "Deep," a really interesting avant-garde sushi place with a price tag to match. It's sad to see businesses close. I've been there before, and run a business now. It hits close to home. Also, working at Merenda was Adam's first job in Bend, so it has associations for all of us.

It looked like the Tower Theatre faced its own struggles in the 1990s, but is open and functioning. Tonight the marquee reads, "Joe & Kate Get Hitched."

We moved along to the Thai restaurant and had a teriffic dinner with great company, and had the restaurant nearly to ourselves - something I've never seen there before.

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