Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb 27: The River Walk and Fisher Poets at the Wet Dog Cafe

There was a little snow yesterday, but it was sunny and pretty. Then the storm came in. Today there's snow on the mountains in Washington and it's just gray out. Very gray. The only reason I included this lifeless photo is to show the snow. I smudged up about half of the camera lens (see yesterday's post), probably grabbing it with hand lotion on and with the lens cap off. That was sometime yesterday, and I didn't realize it until the end of today. It was overcast and chilly, and what sounded perfect was to get a movie and watch it in bed, so I took a nice long walk along the river to the video store, taking pictures and generally enjoying the walk. Later I noticed the lens.

Outside the post office, I took note of this headline and of the brighly colored newspaper vending machine. You can see how bad the smudge is on the left side of the photo.

Near the end of my walk (and with the lens now cleaned off), I thought maybe I'd warm up and relate a little bit at the Wet Dog, but the first words I heard on the inside - directed to some people in front of me - were, "Do you have reservations?" What? The cafes and restaurants are never this crowded this early, but I'd forgotten it was the Fisher Poets Festival. There was no room at the inn, and I was tired. I snapped a quick photo and moved on.

Here's the outside of the Wet Dog along the river walk on a gray, gray day. I walked on home and watched the movie.

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