Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You left on a beautiful day

Lee and I had breakfast or brunch at Astoria Coffee House.

This isn't too elegant, but it's a reminder of a breakfast enjoyed - granola, fruit, and creamy yogurt with a decaf extra wet cappuccino.

There are more fishing boats out than I've seen in awhile. This one is so blue. Pretty.

Here they're reeling in the net on the way home to the East Mooring Basin.

We've had a lot of logs this year, but no individual log has come close to matching that monster tree that hung up on the building a year ago January. That was incredible.

It was simply a gorgeously beautiful day on the river.

Toenails. Lee likes to get me a pedicure at A-Nails. It's just across the street, so it's convenient and it's relaxing sitting with my feet in the water and someone working on them. I'd never considered having my nails done, but just before we left for Italy a few years ago, he gave me a certificate. It was fun, but I hadn't especially noticed nails, and I thought the white tips were either a joke or unfinished. Then I thought they looked like animal claws and I began to like them. Forget the fingernails, though, I had them done once and they were all scratched up within an hour (they were the spray-on kind; I didn't realize what was being done; maybe a real manicure would have lasted longer - maybe). I USE my hands! For awhile there, I was having some fun with toenail colors, and now I'm back with the white.

This is just a small tree floating beyond the back deck. The water has settled down. It's so still now, but you know it was stormy in the recent past or the tree would still be standing somewhere in Washington or Oregon, or maybe even Idaho. I love the colors.

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