Monday, February 23, 2009

"Help save our planet one bag at a time"

Check this out! My sister-in-law and my brother have just put their first web site online. Did you ever want an alternative to pulling bags off the roll at the supermarket and wasting all that plastic? Not to mention wondering where it goes in the earth when you're done with it. Beth has taken care of that for you! Come visit THE BAG LADY's web site and have fun with the colors and designs. Help save the planet, and have a good time doing it. These make great gifts, too. You can see the bulk item grocery bags in sets of three, and also don't miss the Fabric Gallery! You can use the bags for granola, pasta, beans, apples, carrots - anything you'd put in a plastic bag. The checkers at Safeway got really excited about these bags when I first took mine in. They were showing them to anyone who would listen! "Oh, how cute!" "Where did you get that?" They loved it!

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