Monday, February 16, 2009

A beautiful morning in Astoria, Oregon

It's nice to be back in Astoria, and the day was shiny and just about perfect. It was a little chilly, but so beautiful! This turquoise paint catches my eye every time I pass. I finally got a pic that shows the color well. The clear light today was remarkable. We're used to the rain here, and some of us love it, but we do enjoy the sun when it comes out! I think we get more sun than is rumored. For a place that gets 70 to 90 inches of rain per year, I'd say the sun shines quite a lot. In any event, the atmosphere today is spectacular.

Blue sky. Interesting patterns in the tree branches.

We're walking down Marine Drive from The Animal Store towards Astoria Coffee House to get . . . yeah, surprise . . . coffee and brunch. The light was right for a photograph of the houses on the hill. You'll have to click on the photo to see much.

Another set of interesting branches and colors, this time from inside Astoria Coffee House.

This is the former fish market just east of the big Pier 11 red building. We almost rented it for The Animal Store two years ago, but it wasn't quite right for us. I love the old board planks on the walk/pier/parking area, or whatever you call it, and hope they'll never disappear. Look how empty the place is. It may not be good for business, but I love that feeling of space, emptiness and quiet today. Astoria has so many moods.

Pier 11 with the new steak house - entrance just beyond the blue truck. Pier 11 has intrigued and/or haunted Astoria for quite a long time. I did not tweak the color. It was that kind of day.

Walking back from Pier 11, I took this in front of the Wet Dog. It's just an absolutely gorgeous day.

Here's where the ferry to Washington used to dock. Now it's a picturesque ruin, but you can walk out on the pier on the left. It's actually a small waterfront "park" (no, not the grassy kind, but a designated historic area).

The pilot boat docks next to the old ferry berth.

Scenic pilings at the old ferry dock.

Colors. There must be a reason the ropes are all blue and turquoise, but I don't know what it is.

Here's looking down the River Walk from the end of 14th Street, which is where the ferry dock is. You can see a piece of the Astoria-Megler bridge in the back ground.

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