Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Welcome, Teagan!

It rained or drizzled much of the day. I'd stayed in doing what I usually do at work. Lee had driven to Bend, and had just arrived there a few minutes before the phone call came. Laurel called Lee. Lee called me, and I got a few things together and went over to Laurel and James's house hoping to be of some help (although I didn't know what). Also, I had an assignment: to take photos. This all happened about five weeks ahead of schedule. I took 384 photos, which I've given them to do with as they wish. I'll let Laurel tell the story. She's already posted on her blog! The first photos you see there are the ones James and someone else took at the hospital. I took the one just above. Teagan's the guy in the tiny little hat, and this is the first time Laurel got to hold him.

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