Saturday, December 13, 2008

Laurel's baby shower, with Teagan in attendance!

I think everyone brought diapers. Laurel has just posted on her blog about the shower. As she says, the timing was not exactly as planned. Teagan wasn't supposed to be born yet, but I'm glad he was. He was a good guest :)

Laurel's friend Jen gave the shower at Laurel's Aunt Jane's house. I had nothing to do with it except that I went and had a good time and, as usual, took pictures of many things, including some people. Laurel looked radiant - very pretty, and very happy. Here she's holding up a pair of very cute little shoes. After awhile one of the game rules had to be changed so nobody could use the word "cute" without losing the clothes-pin around their neck to the person who caught them saying the banned word. EVERYTHING was cute. Imagine all the newborn-size baby outfits with ears, bears, pockets, etc.

Ashley helps one of the guests with . . . something-or-other.

From the back left: Erika, DeLyne, Laurie, Jane, young lady whose name I don't know, Laurel, and Laurel's mom, Chris. I think that's Maggie's head in the lower right.

Nice table setting - nice food :)

Outside it was drippy and rainy. We were having snow and storm warnings. For the moment it was just a lot of rain and colder-than-usual weather.

Kids. The two little girls in front are Maggie's twins. The kids are entertained.

One of the games the adults played was about the names of baby animals. Everyone said, "Sheryl's going to do well on this one." Ummm. Not. I love animals, but I didn't know a leveret from a pout until the game was over. Some I should have known, but I must have been working too much and retarded my brain. I got eight right. I think Erika won with a whopping 18 out of 21 or something like that. Here they are, for the reader's education and so I won't ever forget:

Raccoon: kit
Wolf: pup (I put cub, and I might argue that it's at least in common use, if not correct, or maybe it's an alternative-type wolf baby)
Goose: gosling
Elephant: calf
Swan: signet
Turkey: pout (and who has ever heard of THAT?)
Zebra: foal (I had "colt" - not close enough)
Eagle: eaglet
Rooster: cockerel
Owl: owlet (at least I got that one)
Lion: cub
Goat: kid
Fox: kit
Kangaroo: joey
Ostrich: chick
Tortoise: hatchling
Rabbit: kit (don't ask me how I got it, but I did)
Hare: leveret
Bat: pup
Koala: joey
Shark: pup (!)

Well, that was fun.

Also at the party were birds at the feeder. (Fun with long lenses.)

James and Teagan had been napping (?) in the bedroom, and they finally came out. Laurel presented Teagan, the second guest of honor (or vice-versa).

Dad (James) joins the party and feeds little T. in the front room.

Cake. I wasn't going to, but I did. With ice cream (2 scoops).


Here's Maggie feeding Teagan as the party winds down and people begin leaving to get home ahead of the storm.

Here on the water we had loud crashing waves like on the ocean and logs banging against the building all night. It's kind of romantic and even comforting unless you're the one paying for upkeep on the pilings (which I am not).

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