Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow in Astoria, Dec 20, 2008

You can't tell it, but this is the River Walk a bit east of the Maritime Museum. For lots more pictures from this trek, see my Picasa Web Album. I'd worked all morning and early afternoon packing up orders. We had only a few compared with the past few days, but it took me several hours. I'd been planning to deliver them to the post office just before 4:30, but it became obvious I didn't want to drive that late, so I took them early, then went to Safeway. I'd been planning to go to the gym and work out and shower, but I'd slipped on the road already this side of Safeway and I didn't know what to expect out by the gym (summer tires, a small slope here and there). So I drove home and put on my boots for the first time, maybe in years. It was clearly not sandal weather any more. I'll wear them when it's freezing out, but not in snow. I just have warm feet, I'm not crazy. I walked over to the pool, which was much closer than the gym, and got a 10-use pass for showers and pool. It was another world in there - warm! The weather never changes in there. So strange. It could still have been "typical Astoria." It was nice. My fingers were nearly frozen when I got there. I'd neglected to find gloves and I had my hands out of my pockets since I was using the camera.

Warmed inside, I had a wonderful walk back across untrodden fields of snow between Marine Drive and the river and along the River Walk. This location looked SO different only a few days before! It wasn't as cold coming back. The breeze was from behind, and snow wasn't falling on my camera and my hands. It was wonderful. The downside is about work and travelling, but the snow is absolutely glorious . . . and so rare in Astoria! Lee says he sledded down one of the streets in the 1970s (7th Street?), but I really don't know when Astoria has had snow like this in the last 50 or 80 years or so.

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