Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Astoria, fall leaves (in December) and more

These pix come from walking around Astoria today on various errands. It was overcast but not actually drizzly. The ground was wet and water clung to leaves. The colors are still brilliant when the light comes through the trees. Today's light was mostly filtered through overcast skies. The building above is the Heritage Museum of the Clatsop Country Historical Society, taken from Exchange Street.

The bright sky behind the trees made it hard to get the color to show up in the pictures. I need to learn more about taking photos of back-lit subjects. I know one way described by the instructions for my camera, but Canon didn't really think a person could push the trigger halfway with their index fingr and hold it, push the "Set" button down with their thumb and be coordinated enough to then push the trigger the rest of the way down (while still holding the "Set" button) and time this to shoot the picture when they had finally framed the shot, did they? The buttons are just too close together! Come on!

The curling bark on the trees (above and below) with light coming from behind was just stuning. I hope the photos show it half as lovely as it really was.

It's too bad about background. I was en route on an errand or I might have tried more angles. I guess one should carry a portable ladder.

Please click on this one to see it bigger. It's nice, but not as nice at the reduced size.

My errands took me down to my dentist's office down on the River Walk. This is the building they call "Big Red" - it's Royal Nebeker's studio, which was badly damaged in the big storm of December 2, 2007.

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