Sunday, December 07, 2008

What's up with the cute opossum finger puppets?

This adorable opossum finger puppet has been selling like crazy this season. The good news is, we've just received another shipment, so we have lots of them ready to go! Most likely, they'll ship the same day your order comes in. The fur is downy soft, and the tail is looped with velcro on it so the opossum can hang from just about anything you can loop it onto. See them in Tapir and Friends online gift shop!

I accidentally posted this on my blog and then had to copy and paste it into the gift shop blog. I left it here also because I think the 'possum is adorable. Also, it represents what I've been doing all day, all week, all year. Stuffed animals, plastic animals . . . mainly taking their photos and putting them on the blog and web site while Sue and Barbara pack and ship the orders. Today is no different, but I've been making so many blog posts, I clicked on the wrong one. Fortunately Blogger makes it easy to copy from one blog to the next.

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