Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14: Snow, logs, and small black birds

There was a bit of snow overnight. Not much remained on the catwalk in the morning.

Do the seagulls like snow? They don't seem to mind. At this point the snow was only teasing, and not sticking very hard.

We have flotillas of small black and white birds around our building quite often this season. The round-headed ones may be the ckicks, with white cheek patches. (See below.) I'm not sure what kind they are.

Here's one of them, separated from the rest. Usually when I come out on the deck with my camera, they retreat quickly, but this guy wasn't too worried. He was heading away, but not as fast as usual. I slowed down and tried to look non-threatening.

More seagulls. I like this photo because I like the shape of the building and the windows. Two seagulls are on the lower roof. The one on the right was inspecting something in the gutter. Earlier he had his whole head buried in the gutter, digging at whatever it was.

A bit after 1:00 p.m., the snow was gone, but here's a log blown in by the weather. By nightfall, the logs would be pounding the building again. The logs today are nothing compared to the huge one that hung up on the building last January. This year we also have screens around the pilings to keep them from getting caught. They still give the underpinnings a good pounding, though, before they're deflected and wash out again.

Still not much snow, but you can see the boards and logs brought up by the waves and tides. This is our building on the left; you can see where it touches the river bank. There's an inlet here that typically catches logs; in this case there was also a lot of floating milled lumber. Later the snow started falling again, this time more steadily for most of the afternoon and evening.

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