Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17: Snow in Astoria, 2008

It began snowing during the night. It was one of those nights I stayed up into the morning and worked online, doing what I could to boost our visibility in the searches so our gift shop would generate much-needed orders. It was fun anyway. I love working with photos - blogging, Panoramio, web albums. . . .

The snow was a surprise. I'd forgotten all about it until I looked outside as I was getting ready for bed about 4:15 in the morning. I love these night pictures - the scenes look so gentle.

When I finally got up late in the morning, there was more snow yet. This is outside The Animal Store looking west toward town and the bridge.

But it wasn't all snow, and it wasn't all that cold. There was a lot of slush and water. The reports said the freeze was coming, though, so whatever was water now had the potential to become very slippery very soon.

I thought about the ice potential wherever I went today. I was driving. Although I have summer tires, it wasn't bad today. But it wasn't quite usual, either. A mound of slush had built up at the exit of the parking lot, and I almost ran over my friend Lisa. Oops. I love this pic with the reflected lights in the footprints and under the tree. After going up in flames, the Bank of America had moved into a portable building in the old Safeway parking lot. I thought it was fitting that it now looks like a fire engine. Maybe they took the motto to heart: "Be Prepared."

Here's another pic of the bank showing just how much it does look like a fire rig. Look at all the footprints in the wet snow. This is really a novelty in Astoria.

Next to the portable bank. I liked the track pattern, but also this shows what's in store when it freezes. That's all water and slush.

I went up to see Laurel and James and little Teagan. So cute. I held him for a long time. He likes to put his hands together. Laurel says it's a comforting gesture for him. He was also holding his mouth for long periods of time in a position as if he wanted to whistle. In this case, with the tongue out.

There you go. That's the whistling one; he does it quietly - no sound.

I'm learning to hold a young baby, since I haven't had much experience. I've held a few, of course, but it seems ages ago. My friends didn't have them till later, after they or I had moved, and I wasn't around much when my sister and brother's kids were young. I got out of Dodge and stayed out, pretty much.

Sleeping. I must be doing a good job. Note the hands again.

Here he is after Laurel (Mom) did the changing. I'm not ready for my diaper changing lessons yet, thanks. That will come in time. (Maybe.)

Swaddled and back in his crib. And now he's down for a long winter's nap.

Well, not really, he wakes up a lot, but outside it's looking more and more unmistakably like winter.

I returned to work. Isn't it wonderful when work can consist of plastic eels and such? I love it!


hyrax said...

The portable bank is so great!

You and Teagan look good together, and love the eels!

tapirgal said...

Thanks, hyrax! It's always good to hear from you, and it amazes me that people actually read this blog. I do have fun with it!