Sunday, November 30, 2008

Moss-edged River Walk, Astoria

There was a fine growth of moss along the River Walk from near Safeway to the Maritime Museum today as Lee and I walked late in the afternoon. We'd started out the other direction, went to Pier 11, looked at some galleries on 10th and Commercial, then headed along the river to Safeway. Coming back, the moss caught the light. The traveller ahead of us liked it too, because she stopped several times to take photos, just as I did - almost at the same moment, same position to catch the sun's reflection. I suppose we'd had just enough water and just enough light to cause the moss to paint the walkway. And the sun was just so in the fading afternoon.

I remember how bright the water was. The river gleamed white, not blue. I was thinking that if I painted the river from what my mind knew about rivers, I'd get it wrong. At this moment, it was reflecting bright white from the overcast sky.

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Anonymous said...

What an beautiful photo,it reminds me of an impressionistic painting by a french master.