Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bits and pieces of December 16

The image that struck me first this morning was the tide going out over the base of the radio tower. The water is low when the base begins to show, and I liked the way the sheets of water formed patterns over it. I got my camera out a bit late for the best patterns, because - what can I say? - it's a work day and work interrupted my camera fun. I'll try to get it right another time. It's always different, as the tides' height changes by about an hour each day and the weather and lighting all have an effect. It was cold this morning. You can see a bit of snow on the catwalk in the upper left, although the day was sunny and beautiful . . .

. . . and cold! It was still a little below freezing when I went out on an errand. Here's our front door. There isn't much snow left this morning. There's a bit of black ice. I wonder how long the plants will look green.

They had more snow remaining on the flat concrete next door at the old Englund Marine building.

Here's contrast on the river. The small fishing boat Marie Kathleen (built in 1966, as I found out), passes the cargo ship Port Kelang, at anchor. Port Kelang is in Malaysia, but "Kelang" is also the name of the female Malayan tapir at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. I have a lot of photos of her and her half-grown calf from our last visit to Seattle that I want to put online soon. I don't have time today, as we're still busy in the gift shop and I have to find and sort the pix. The only SHIP Kelang I could find online was a Hanjin Port Kelang, which looks different from this one.

Then something unusual came by - first downriver, then it turned and came back after only a short time. It was a bright red crane on a barge being shoved by a tow boat. Cool. That's the Port Kelang again on the right. She stayed around for several days and now appears to have moved a bit or maybe moved on up or down the river.

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