Saturday, June 30, 2001

June 30: A ship on the Columbia, and a new desk for me

I love this photo of a big tanker passing my apartment in Astoria. I love how the clouds appear to create a focal point over the ship. We're having such beautiful sunny days. Having lived so long in California, and then spent hot summers in Colorado, I'm loving the fact that the beautiful sunny summer days here are mild and pleasant. Sometimes it even feels cold. I did pick the right location for someone like me!

Here the ship passes under the bridge on its way out to sea.

I bought myself an assemble-it-yourself desk at Fred Meyer. Oh my god, is it heavy! I'd promised myself I wasn't getting any more press board furniture, because it weighs a ton. But I looked around, and this is what was in my price range. It's a lot of desk space for what I paid and it looks pretty. It took me a couple of days to screw it all together, and I had to bring it down the stairs from my car one or two pieces at a time. As big as the moving truck was, I'd had to leave my computer desk in Colorado. It was one of the more replaceable items. There's my computer on the right and - believe it or not - a typewriter on the left. It's for typing labels for shipping items from the gift shop. I'd given it to my mom, but she wasn't using it, so she shipped it back to me for labels and forms.

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