Sunday, July 01, 2001

July 1: Another beautiful day in Astoria and views of the town

Quite a variety of ships pass my apartment on the river. It's interesting to see the shapes and colors.

There's quite a lot of "clutter" between my deck and the bridge, but it's still completely awesome. I don't know what the tent-thing is. It must be for storage for the motel.

Here's looking the other way, somewhat northeast, I think. I'd like to wish away that condo, but for the people living there, the view is fantastic. I'd like to see sometime. I will say that Astoria has left most of the actual waterfront open for the public in that the River Walk goes the whole length of town. Sometimes the view from the walk is blocked, but much of it is open.

I love this part about the apartment: the yard and forest patch. There used to be a twin building in the grassy area, but it burned down about 10 years ago. The story is, the owner took the insurance money and refurbished the remaining building, making 10 nice apartments where there had been quite a number of small run-down ones. The arsonist was finally caught, and turned out to be the son of the fire chief. Interestingly, the spate of fires that had plagued Astoria came to an end.

Here's looking down the other side from my deck. The window is my office window. The stairs go down from the deck to my back door, then down on the left to the yard. The stairs furthest left go all the way up to the street, so I can enter by my front or back door. The manager says they'll be painting the place soon. Things do get wet and mossy here on the north sides of buildings. Inside everything is clean and dry, and Erby does a beautiful job of keeping this building in good shape, which is a relief after what I saw when checking out apartments to rent. There's greenery on the hill that slopes down from the manager's house next door, large bushes between the back of the apartments and the motels further down the slope, and the back yard area and forest patch in the picture above. This is why we get quite a few animals here.

I brought the purple book shelf from Colorado and bought the computer desk after I got here. The work space is taking shape. The light patches to the left come from the window onto the river that you can see in the photo above.

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